Pictured Above: Artizan, model “D” band organ originally from
San Francisco’s “Playland at the Beach”

Alan S. Erb, owner of Erb Consulting Engineering (Professional Mechanical Engineering License CA ME20239), with 22 years experience in mechanical music restoration, has come to be considered among the top restorers of mechanical music in the United States. Erb Consulting’s workmanship and materials used are strictly in accordance with original equipment manufacturers specification’s /intent (except by order or preference of the customer). With projects from all over the country, his skill, knowledge and workmanship are in great demand.

His repair and restoration talents are applied to machines as diverse as Large Fairground Organs to the smallest crank organs; Orchestrions to “A” roll pianos; also disc music boxes by various makers, automata, Photo Players, Hurdy Gurdys, and other lesser known self playing pipe and string instruments. On special request, Custom Organs can be ordered and built to your specification and design. An additional dimension which Alan brings to his work is attributable to his holding a mechanical engineering degree (with a minor in art) with extensive practical and theoretical experience (compressible fluid flow, dynamics, physics, material properties,kinematics, etc.). This enables him to understand, identify, and appropriatly treat, the finest details which affect instrument performance. In cases where any modification to original is encountered or considered, the customer is notified for a decision on his preferred treatment of the matter.

Alan specializes in pipe work such as; replication, restoration, and voicing. His extensive experience and talents include reed pipes (trumpet, clarinet, etc.) as well as the varied flue pipe voices used in mechanical music.

We have some machines available. If we may be of assistance or service to you, please do not hesitate to discuss those needs with us.

Recommendations/referrals from current and previous customers, relating to all aspects of services offered are available on request.